Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our Weekend

Last weekend was planned to be a pretty busy one -- a family gathering at the farm, a first birthday party for our cousin Wurth, a little lake time, and some yard work on Sunday.  But, as you quickly learn when children are involved, plans just don't always pan out quite like you want them to!

Very long story short, we made it to the lake.  We made it to the family gathering/luncheon.  Wyatt got sick after lunch so we never made it to the birthday party.  It stinks, because that was the whole point of us going up to the lake that weekend but what can you do?  This is the 2nd time he's gotten sick after eating heavily-seasoned table food so I think we're going to have to work him up to it very very slowly. 

The good news is that by about 7:00 Saturday night, Wyatt was back to his old self.  Tired, but showed interest in pedialyte and even his milk so all is good I suppose.

I didn't snap the first picture on Saturday due to our little setback.  We did take a few of Ellie and Wyatt Sunday morning before we all left to go back home.  

So cute!  Notice Wyatt is celebrating Masters Sunday in his golf outfit!

When we got home, I have to give credit to Ben, my house was picked up and orderly and he had a buncha' plants ready for us to start doing our planned yard work.  He even worked while the Masters was on and watched it on DVR later that evening! 

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Mrs. EDO said...

Poor Wyatt! Glad he's feeling better. I love his outfit. Do you have specific store where you buy his jon-jons (or is it john-johns?)? Wish we could have seen y'all this trip. Hopefully, next time we're in Atlanta (around July 4th) we'll be more mobile. :)