Friday, April 8, 2011

Amelia Island

This past weekend, we took a little trip down to Amelia Island.  My sister had Spring Break and usually likes to go somewhere so my she and my parents decided they would go down to Amelia to stay at our grandfather's beach house.  Because I gave them such a hard time last time they went without me and Wyatt they did invite us along this time! 

The trip almost got canceled due to sick babies but by the time we had to make a decision on Saturday morning, everyone seemed well and/or on the mend so we decided to go ahead and go!  Ellie had fevers the first part of the week and as soon as we thought we were in the clear Wyatt got a stomach bug.  (So, so so pitiful to see your baby throwing up every 15 minutes, btw). That aside, we did have a great trip!

Both kids ended up doing really well in the car on the way down and we miraculously only had to make 2 stops!  Wyatt slept the whole way down there as he was still recovering from his lack of sleep the night before and Ellie watched Barney and ate snacks the whole way!  We pretty much went to dinner as soon as we arrived on Saturday because Wyatt has a pretty strict bedtime schedule (dictated by him, not me ... keep him up past about 7:30 and you'll see why!)

We ate at a cute little place right on the beach, so after dinner we did walk out to the sand to see what Wyatt thought.  As evidenced by this picture below, he didn't think too much of the sand!  (In his defense, he was t-i-r-e-d)
 He was okay once I picked him up. 
The next morning, we all ate breakfast and headed out to the beach.  Is this kid excited or what?
He was happy under the tent, sitting on the beach tarp, playing with the truck.  (Wheels are maybe his most favorite thing at the moment -- he turns every car or truck over and just plays with the wheels)

Then I took him down to the water's edge to see what he thought .....

The verdict: Mommy is funny ... jury is still out on this sand and water stuff!
After lunch and naps, we went back out to discover low tide.  The sandbar and tidal pools were great for Wyatt (and Ellie) because the water was slightly warmed up from the sun.  He's not sure what to think yet ... 

Then he warmed up to it!

By the time both Ellie and Wyatt were ready to play we struggled to get a good picture. 
So we tried again a little later in the afternoon.  This is the result of our 2nd attempt!
At this point, it was beyond obvious that Wyatt was tired.  As we were taking him back to the house, he was asleep before we even stepped off the sand!

Napped, bathed, and hungry ... and posing for pictures!  (And my hair?  Don't even want to talk about it .... gaaaah)
 sweet cousins posing!
Ellie is such a big helper! Even Ellie couldn't encourage Wyatt to eat his peas though!  (Oh well, I hate them too so I really can't blame the kid)

The goal was to get some good beach pictures, so we kept trying when we went back to the beach on Monday. 

Then we played the paci game on the beach.  And as a result we both ate about a pound of sand.
And of course, we attempted feet pictures.  (We'll have to do this again when Ben is with us at the beach in June)

We went to the pool for a little while.  It was COLD though so we only got in for a minute!

Both kids enjoyed kicking their legs in the water despite the temperature.

After our morning at the pool and beach, we headed in for lunch, baths and naps.

Smartly, I went to lay out for about 30 minutes during W's nap.  I fell asleep on the beach and ended up sunburned.  Ouch!

We spent a little time walking around Fernandia before dinner and of course found a few photo opportunities!

 Does this look like the face of a kid who is ready to drive home tomorrow??
It was a fun beach trip and we're really looking forward to our longer trip in June when Dave and Ben will join us!

Off to the lake this weekend for a birthday party.


Erin said...

The cousins are so cute together!

Sarah said...

Fun post with all of these great pictures! The picture where Wyatt is crying and Ellie is looking at him is so great. I LOVE it!

Mary Beth said...

Love it! Let me know next time you are at Amelia - it is only a 30 min drive so I can come up and say hi.

BWL said...

My son is allsome.