Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tech Game

This past weekend we took Wyatt to his 2nd tailgate and home football game. It was a looooong day for Wyatt (really for all 3 of us) but he did so great!

We hadn't ever been to yellow jacket alley in the past, and decided that it would be fun to take Wyatt. This was mostly at my insistence as I really wanted a cute picture of Wyatt and Buzz -- its ALWAYS about the photo opportunities, right?

First we got one with Wyatt and the cheerleaders. Although I'd love to call him a ladies man, he doesn't really seem interested. He's just playing it cool though, right?

Then we got one of him and ole' Buzz. Its not great but we're going to try again this week. Oh and you see that man in the background giving the stink-eye? Yeah, he was doing that the whole time. I guess he doesn't appreciate the paparazzi (aka Ben and I with our giant camera)??!!

We had a little time to kill before the players arrived, so Ben took a few of Wyatt and I. We couldn't quite get a smile out of him but we did capture this sweet expression.
Eventually, the team buses rolled in. We set this part of the photo shoot up incorrectly and we intend to get it right this weekend so that we can have pictures of Wyatt actually greeting the players. (Sidenote: I did feel kinda bad though because the whole point is to encourage the players before the game and give them high fives and such. Not to stand there with a camera pointed across the street. So we'll see how it works out this week!)

After Yellow Jacket Alley, we went down to our tailgate. Speaking of, WHERE HAVE ALL OUR FRIENDS GONE???? There is hardly anyone at our tailgates anymore. We enjoyed it nonetheless.

And finally, here is a family picture. Difficult to get it right but we did okay! (If I win the lottery I'm going to hire 3 people: a "toter" to carry all heavy baby equipment, a photographer to capture good photos, and a jester to make Wyatt laugh when we are trying to take said photos!)

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