Friday, October 29, 2010

5 Months Old!

Whoa, how time flies!!! (So much so, that I'm nearly a week late with this post) I cannot believe that Wyatt is now 5 months old. Its terribly cliche to say all this stuff, I know but it really is true that children grow up way too fast.

This will probably be boring to anyone who isn't family, but for my own records I'm just going to do bullet points of things he is doing these days! Feel free to skip over this and just enjoy the pictures ...
  • He is more and more alert each day. Wyatt is reaching and grabbing for EVERYTHING. This makes eating meals with him on my lap a little difficult -- he has grabbed my plate on a couple of occasions and almost knocked it off onto the floor!
  • He likes his highchair wobbly toys -- those will entertain him for 20-30 minutes when he is in a good mood. Long enough for Ben and I to sit and have dinner!
  • He is eating his solids pretty well. His favorite is pears, followed by peaches then apples. He likes bananas pretty well and tolerates most veggies. Recently I've started doing the bait and switch with him and poor guy makes the most pitiful faces after he's had a few bites of fruit and then suddenly gets a mouthful of peas or squash or something!
  • I take that back, he is eating solid fruits and veggies well. Cereal, notsomuch. I've started just mixing it in with his veggies or fruits sometimes and that seems to work a little better.
  • He is still eating every 4 hours during the day. 7 ounces when he gets a bottle. I'm still not sure how much he eats when I nurse him, but he seems contented so I guess that is all that really matters!
  • When he's laying down and we stand over him, he loves to reach up and grab at our faces/hair/ears. It hurts sometimes and we have to make a point to tell him "no, no" when he pulls at our hair!
  • He still loves his play mat. (It will be a sad day when we have to put that away) Now, he is able to pull the toys down and we'll put him on it and then 5 minutes later he'll be facing a different direction and usually rolls over to his tummy. Then he gets frustrated because he doesn't know he can roll over to his back (and I think I'm guilt of rushing in to save him too frequently because he gets upset)
  • He LOVES his exersaucer too! Just in the past week or week and a half he has realized that there are lots of fun toys for him to play with. His favorite is the alligator, I think.
  • He gets excited when we walk in to pick him up from school each day. That is definitely my favorite moment of the day -- seeing his smile when I go to get him! I like to think he's happy to see his mama.
  • I wish I could accurately describe his favorite noise -- its this high-pitched, squeaking inhale sound and then he always smiles afterwards. That usually makes him cough but it is sooo cute!
  • He will laugh at us, but we have to work really hard to get a laugh out of him! I hope he gets more generous with the laughter because it is such a sweet sound.
  • His other favorite thing to do is to put his lips together and make blowing sounds with his mouth. (Here is a video I took the other day)

He's doing lots more things, but that is all I can think of to post right now. And if you actually read through all that, bless you!

We had Wyatt's 5 month photo shoot on Tuesday. The kid napped all day (but he still slept all night so that is okay) and just didn't really care to be awake and smiley for his pictures. We did the best we could with him.

My favorite are this pumpkin series that we did. My Dad told me this was "child torture". My cousin said that Wyatt will hate me one day when he sees this. Mom and I think its cute though!

"I'm not quite sure about this, Mom"

"Fine, I will sit here but I won't look at the camera and I most certainly WILL NOT SMILE!"

"Hmm, this is kinda tasty. Maybe I'll just sit here and chew on this thing"

"I. AM. OVER. IT. Get me out!!!"


Mrs. EDO said...

Poor Wyatt...You are going to get that back when he's a teenager! Ha! He's so cute...I love all the updates about his likes and dislikes.

Sarah said...

Great update Katie...I loved reading it. The pumpkin pictures are really cute, especially that last one! :)

Kimberly said...

He is growing so fast! I did read ALL of it, but then again I'm family. :) Love the pics.

meg williams said...

oh my gosh!!! the pumpkin picture - too funny for words. love them. between these and the beach ball pics when you were pregnant - you have had some super creative photo shoots! love it!