Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Meme's Birthday Weekend

This past weekend we celebrated Meme's (my Mom's) birthday up at the lake! I won't say that our trip UP to the lake was exactly a smooth one but we did have a great time once we all got there. We spent Saturday relaxing around the house and enjoying the beautiful weather. We talked about sitting out on the dock to get some sun but when it came down to it, we decided that long naps while the kids were sleeping would be a better use of our time!

(If you read Kimmie's blog, you've seen all of these pictures already! She beat me to the punch this time!)
Ellie was sitting in this chair and then called her Mommy over to sit with her. Then she looked at me and said "both" meaning she wanted me to sit there too. So, here we are. Ellie thought this was a riot!

Ellie likes to copy Wyatt sometimes ... if he's laying in his baby pool, she likes to be right there with him. She even put her fingers in her mouth like Wyatt tends to do!

I love this sweet picture of them.

Saturday was Mom's actual birthday so we celebrated with gifts and then went to dinner at this AWESOME asian place in Anderson. Before dinner, we actually had time for a few pictures which was a pretty big accomplishment considering we had 2 kids to get bathed and dressed.

Meme with Wyatt and Ellie

Me and Wyatt. (Mom said I needed an updated profile picture on my FB page since Wyatt is getting so big and changing so much!) Ben was busy watching Georgia Tech lose to Clemson so that is why he isn't pictured :(

Isn't this a fun entree! This was what Dad had for dinner.

Hope you had a great birthday, Meme!

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