Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ben's Birthday / 4th of July Weekend

We started out last weekend with a little mini-celebration of Ben's 32nd birthday. Since actually going out to dinner isn't so easy, we grilled steaks at home on Thursday night and enjoyed a nice, quiet dinner. Wyatt really is a good baby,but we're just not quite ready to take him out to a restaurant yet. Friday morning, we spoiled Ben with all his gifts and he headed off to Charlotte while we headed out to the lake.

Maternity leave has been great for lake traveling purposes -- we met Kimmie and Ellie at Mom and Dad's house and got on the road Friday morning so we actually got to the house before lunch. My cousin came over with her four kids and I'm pretty sure Wyatt really enjoyed watching them run all around!
Since we had a little break from the extreme heat, I put Wyatt in his bathing suit on Saturday and took him down to the dock. He enjoyed hanging out in the boat (in the shade) and even took several long naps there. Late Saturday afternoon, I got dressed and drove down to Chateau Elan to meet Ben at a rehearsal dinner for our friends Ashley and Mike. This was only the 2nd time I've left Wyatt during a feeding time, and once again he did great!

Wyatt also enjoyed playing with Ellie and posing for a few pictures for me and for Meme!

We spent Sunday morning back down on the lake (Wyatt in the shade on the boat again) and I even tried out our newest lake toy! This was the first weekend that I felt comfortable enough to do any exercise after my c-section ... they put the fear of God in you at the hospital not to do anything to bust a stitch so I had been extremely cautious for the last few weeks! Anyway, Dad and I went out on a little kayak ride in our cove which was really fun. I still haven't been brave enough to ride the Sea Doo or the boat just yet but maybe next time!

Wyatt spent more time playing with Ellie and posed for a few more pictures on Sunday as well!

His hat was just a little bit too big, so I couldn't resist taking a wigger baby picture! (Is that word offensive? If so, apologies ... not my intention to offend)

Kimmie, Dave, and I had Ashley and Mike's wedding Sunday night so we left Wyatt and Ellie with Mom and Dad. This picture was taken before we left ... I think they were saying "DON'T LEAVE US WITH THE BABIES!!!!" (Kidding ... they were happy to keep them, but I think next time they may prefer to babysit one child at a time)

The four of us had a blast at the wedding -- this one was very special to Kimmie and I because we actually introduced Mike and Ashley about 3 years ago. How is that for matchmaking success??!!? After the wedding, I drove drunk, drunker, and drunkest (won't say who was who) back to the lake so we could spend the day Monday up there.

We did Ben's family celebration at lunch Monday, where we grilled hamburgers and he opened more gifts and even had an ice cream cake!

After our fun-filled day on the lake, we did take a 4th of July family photo -- the first one of the 3 of us since we were in the hospital, I believe!

And I had to include this one of Ellie because its just so cute.

We had such a fun, long weekend and can't wait for our next trip to the lake!


Kimberly said...

Good post Kat!!! :) Can't wait until the next lake weekend!

Sarah said...

Fun post! You cracked me up with "drunk, drunker, and drunkest." :)

EquisBuffy said...

I love the family picture, you all look very patriotic.