Thursday, June 24, 2010

1 Month Old!

Happy 1 month birthday to Wyatt! I can't believe how much time flies. Wyatt is growing like a weed, and learning new things every day. I am still feeding him every 3 hours during the day but at night he will usually go at least 4.5 - 5 hours between meals. This means I'm only having to get up once during the middle of the night, which makes me a very happy mommy! (Although, I hope this doesn't change ... last night was the first time he woke me up more than once but I'm hoping that was just a one-off) He usually takes several catnaps during the day between feedings and at least one long, good nap. Most days I end up having to wake him to eat for at least one or two of his meals. He really is a good baby and I hope this pattern continues.
Just in the last week we have started doing tummy time, which he hates, and he is using his little activity mat more and more. He has started paying attention to you when you talk to him and you can occasionally even get a little smile out of him if you're lucky! He is starting to find his voice and will occasionally talk to us. And he is a GREAT listener! Its pretty awesome for me to have someone I can gossip to all day long and know he won't repeat a word I say :) (Ben should be so grateful for that so he doesn't get an earful from me when he gets home each night)
He is just a little sponge, and is taking everything in. I've read that babies are really good at picking up on people's feelings and I must say that I totally believe this. The first week home, he was great and hardly cried, sleeping and eating perfectly. This also happened to be the week Meme was staying with us and helping us out so both Ben and I were much more relaxed. The second week home was a little harder for the 3 of us, probably because Meme was gone and Ben and I weren't so relaxed any more. Since then, we have learned to accommodate his needs a little better and can usually figure out the reason for his cries pretty quickly.

At 1 month, here are his likes and dislikes:

- eating
- sleeping
- his lovie
- his paci

- getting dressed
- getting his diaper changed
- bathtime (although he is tolerating it better now)

We spent time out at Meme and Papa's house on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the photos in this post are a few of my favorites from his one month photo shoot.


Sarah said...

The pictures are beautiful Katie! He is amazing!

Tia Faulkner said...

Katie, he is PRECIOUS! I know you are loving Motherhood and that sweet little man of yours. He is so handsome!!!!

AUBS said...

Those are wonderful photos, kat! He's so cute and has changed so much from even when I saw him last weekend!

meg williams said...

loved visiting with yall today - he is just so precious. and you are such a calm, settled and natural mother. sorry we were so "interrupted" today by miss priss - maybe next time i will wait until matt gets home and leave her with him so we can really chat! anyway - love to you both - and ben!