Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day/Lake Weekend!

We took Wyatt on his first trip to the lake this past weekend! Little does he know, this is only the first of many lake weekends to come -- it is one of my and Ben's favorite summer activities so hopefully Wyatt will learn to enjoy it as much as we do!

Wyatt and I left the house early Friday morning and headed to Meme's (my mom) then from there went and picked up Kimmie and Ellie so that the 5 of us could get settled at the house before Papa (my dad), Dave, and Ben joined us later in the evening.

We all got there at different times and were exhausted from the day so we just had dinner, gave the kids baths, and got in bed early. Ben got up bright and early on Saturday morning and headed out fishing around our cove for a few hours while the rest of us relaxed and slowly started our day.

Wyatt had his very first Kubota ride down to the dock. It was hot so he didn't get to stay down there very long, but we did have to let him have a quick ride and get his picture on the Kubota! (He was so impressed by it that he slept right through his ride!)

Dad has been wanting to get a kayack for a few years now, and he finally went out and bought one on Saturday morning. Wyatt is a little too young to enjoy this just yet, and I'm still healing from my surgery so I didn't get to use it this time but Ben had a GREAT time fishing out of it! Mom snapped this picture of him standing up paddling like an Indian!

Ellie continues to be a great older cousin to Wyatt. She is so sweet with him and loves talking about Wy-we (this is how she says Wyatt), holding and loving on him. She also sometimes likes to pretend she is a baby and tries to steal his paci and use his little swing! So cute. And as you can see, Wy-we could really care less. This child loves his sleep!
On Sunday, we celebrated father's day with more fishing, relaxing on the dock, and grilling steaks for lunch! (This picture was actually taken on Saturday, but we just couldn't get it together to get an official Father's Day family photo on Sunday)

As always, the weekend ended too soon and we are now back at home but we have a busy week planned at home!


Kimberly said...

It was OH so fun! Can't wait until the next lake weekend!

Brooke said...

Hi Katie -

I catch your updates from the Cressman blog occasionally. Congrats on baby Wyatt! Please tell Ben that Brooke and Brad said hi and congrats on his first father's day!

EquisBuffy said...

I love how Wyatt is sleeping in every single picture. Hopefully he is sleeping as much throughout the night. Looks like y'all had a lot of fun.