Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kicks and Backaches!

big ole' belly
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*** I apologize for my terrible spelling error. Can I just blame pregnancy brain?

As of Sunday, I am 21 weeks along now and I have started to feel Shim's little kicks more and more. I started feeling little, tiny flutters a few weeks ago but now we've moved along to more discernible kicks. Sometimes in the bladder and those aren't so comfortable, but the ones in my stomach almost tickle. I tried to let Ben feel it one night when Shim was really active, but I still don't think you can feel anything from the outside yet.

Along with the kicks has come a new little friend. Backaches. I'm not sure if they are caused by the baby's position or just the extra weight I'm carrying, but they are persistent and painful! I called my cousin yesterday afternoon (she's my doctor that I don't pay) to describe my symptoms and see if I was overreacting or if I needed to call my doctor. She has 3 children and one on the way so besides having medical expertise, she is also pretty familiar with pregnancies. She suggested that I call my doc, and see what they say. So I did and they gave me some sound medical advice:


At least I did learn that Tylenol PM was safe to take, so I guess that is a good thing. I know I shouldn't complain. I have had a healthy and easy pregnancy up to this point and I am grateful. BUT. IT. HURTS!

The house is still progressing. I guess it is basically on schedule, and we are really hoping that it stays that way! We have a few weeks leeway, but not much at all. Mom and I went furniture shopping the other day and I have a pretty good idea now of what I'm looking for. If it actually gets completed before the baby is born, I'll definitley post pictures. I'm excited now that I have an idea in my head of how we'll decorate -- which wasn't easy since we don't know the sex.


Sarah said...

Congratulations on the kicking! That must be so exciting. And sorry to hear about the backaches - I hope they go away soon.

Kimberly said...

Look at that belly grow! I LOVE it!!!

AUBS said...

Is that a picture of someone's belly off of the Pea in a Pod website? Ofcourse, you would be the perfect preggers! you look great - so jealous!

Accidentally Me said...

My doctor told me to think about pre-natal yoga to manage some of the uncomfortable aches and pains. She said the strength and flexibility would help:)

Your tummy is adorable! Way cuter than mine!

EquisBuffy said...

Happy New Year! Good to hear everything is going so well...aside from the aches and pains that is.