Monday, January 11, 2010


Ben stopped by the house today to talk to our builder about a few minor changes we wanted to make and when he drove by he saw this!
We were so excited to see this because last time we were there (last week) there was nothing but a slab! He didn't get to walk through the house because people were there working, so we plan to go later this week to do a full walk-thru. My parents were really happy to see this too - it means we will really be moving out of Lilburn fairly soon!
Everyone tells me that things slow down after the home is framed and roofed, but at least they are nearly dried in and can't use weather as a crutch anymore! They originally told us it would be ready at the end of March, so I'm hoping we are still on track for that same timeframe. Maybe this means Shim will actually have a nursery before he/she is born!


Sarah said...

Your house looks awesome!! I hope they stay on schedule for y'all!

Erin said...

How exciting! Keep us updated on the progress.

Kimberly said...

Yea!!!! It looks good so far!

EquisBuffy said...

You must be thrilled, the house looks great.