Wednesday, July 25, 2012


We've had a lot going on lately, none of which is really worthy of a whole blog post soooooooooo here's a little update!

1) Ben's Birthday -- although this is totally worthy of a whole blog post, I'm nearly a month late on this.  SORRY!! (I did manage to post a FB shoutout to him on his b-day so I'm not on the shit-list entirely)

We spent the Saturday before his birthday at a beer tasting and after that we all went to Mom and Dad's house for a little pool party/cookout.  It was a busy and fun afternoon and then we prepared ourselves to spend the end of his b-day week in St. Simons! 

2) Tomatoes! -- a few days after we returned home (i think), i had a few tomatoes FINALLY turn red.  I thought these things would never get ripe.  Here are 2 from my very first harvest!! I've got lots more on the vine but it seems that there is a little varmint after them too so I better be quick!

3) Meals on Wheels -- One of the many awesome things about our neighborhood is that (mostly) everyone is just so kind.  Every time someone has a baby, surgery, etc many of the ladies rally and organize a meal calendar.  Sooo, I'm always on the hunt for new recipes to take to people.  I took these beef enchiladas to a new mama last week along with Mexican rice and candy brownies and made a second batch for myself.  They were amazing.  And even better re-heated ... so if you're on the hunt for a new enchilada recipe this one is easy and SO DELICIOUS! (even though this picture isn't all that pretty you should trust me on that)

4) Sunflowers -- ahhh ... who knew a few packets of seeds could make me so happy come June/July?  I loved these so much, but they were tall and got pretty scraggly about 2 days after blooming.  I cut off all the blooms from this mutant that you see (they're only supposed to have one flower head), then ripped them all out of the ground.  I figure we'll have another 2 months of summer most likely so I planted some new seeds.  These will be MUCH shorter ... tallest are supposed to be 5 feet as opposed to the first crop which were 10-12 feet.

5) Birthday/Anniversary gift -- I got Ben a big green egg for his birthday / our 5th anniversary.  We bought a charcoal grill right after we moved in the house, and he just absolutely loves it and has really learned to do a lot with it.  He has been hinting around about an Egg for a while though, so I figured this would be a good combo gift.  I think he likes it?  


kindredly said...

Get ready for the Egg obsession!! I have benefited immensely from getting JG one...he cooks all the time :)

Julie and Scott Cooper said...

If Ben is anything like Scott, you'll be hearing lots of talk about the Big Green Egg! Scott loves his!
Those candy brownies look delicious! I may have to get the recipe from you. Love the sunflowers, too!