Thursday, July 19, 2012

St. Simons Island

This is about 2 weeks late, buuuut better late than never, right?

We spent the end of the 4th of July week with Ben's family down in St. Simons Island.   We try to get down there each summer with Ben's family and I have to say this year was probably the most fun any of us have ever had.  (A certain little 2-year old boy may have something to do with that??)

Wyatt loves everything about the beach -- playing in the sand, jumping the 'big waves', "pinding" shells ... everything.  We took him out to the beach first thing each morning and it just flat wore him out by lunchtime each day.  

We had several un-successful attempts at getting a family picture.
We practiced jumping in the pool.  Despite several swim lessons each week, he has just not entirely warmed up to the pool.

Wyatt played in the waves with Lolly ...

He also built sand castles with Great Aunt Susan.  There were 2 buckets and if Susan made the mistake of going to the ocean with only one of them, Wyatt would hand the other bucket and tell her to go get "more"

We did go out to dinner a few times.  Its always dicey with a worn-out Dubs .... some days he'll do great out to eat and other times it is just too exhausting to do.  I have to say that this particular night at the Crab Trap got interesting after he threw an empty water glass across the restaurant.  But other than that he was really good!
I love this picture - my camera had fuzzy lens here but he you can get the jist.  He was driving his trucks up and down my arms.

Obama says Wyatt didn't build this Lego tower .... but Great Aunt Susan saw him do so

 I love this picture too!  He was dipping his head in the tidal pool and then slinging it back up

Pops burried Wyatt in the sand!  He loved this

Wyatt helped out the King and Prince by watering their gardens each day.  And, um, also by putting a little mulch in their pool.  Sorry!

 He swam with Lolly

Another favorite photo of Pops helping Wyatt 'jump' the waves!   This got exhausting for Pops, I'm sure but Wyatt sure did love it!
We had a fabulous time.  Wyatt keeps asking when we can go back to the beach!


kindredly said...

Love the necklace with the purple!

Lolly said...

Katie definitely had the fab necklace of the trip!