Thursday, May 24, 2012


Two years ago today, I woke up at Northside Hospital.  I was 8 days past my due date, and my midwife had insisted that I must go ahead and let them induce labor.  I kept hoping and hoping that I would go into labor on my own, but it was not to be.  Shim was a stubborn little thing!! So, I had checked in the night before and they started the induction process about 6:00 a.m. on the 24th of May.

I won't go through the whole story.  But, I will say that it was quite a long day.  A lot of waiting, a lot of work, a lot of family sitting around twirling their fingers in the waiting area.  Eventually, the doctors decided that little Shim was going to have to be delivered via c-section.  At 7:46pm, Jackson Wyatt was born!

Although this picture is terribly unflattering, this is one of my most favorite ones ever taken.  Our first family photo!

It was a long day, and then turned into a long night as Wyatt had to be admitted to the NICU.  However, all was fine and today I have a wild, spunky, hilarious, fun-loving, perfect little TWO. YEAR. OLD. boy!

How in the world can I encapsulate your  little personality in a simple blog post?  I don't think its possible, but I'll try because I know I'll want to reference this one day!

You love: to play outside, the pool, watering plants, donuts, m&m's, jelly beans, juice, pizza, cheese, yogurt, big trucks, motorcycles, to watch people mow the grass, to help with chores

You don't like: being told no, when we tell you its time to go inside, to sit still

You think your name is Wyatt Lawnmower.  We talk about your name each night before bed, but you continue to say "I Wy-Wy Mower".  We'll get it right eventually :)

You call motorcycles "big quey's"  (said in a very throaty German way).  I'm not sure how you got "quey" out of cycle, but it is hilarious.

Each morning, I give you a Flinstones gummy vitamin and you call it your "na-mai"

If I'm giving you a treat - like an M&M or a jelly bean, and I fail to ask you what color you want you'll eat the one you have and then ask me for a specific color.  I'm pretty sure this is just your way into manipulating me out of more candy!

You have an incredible memory.  For example.  We were out on a walk a few months ago in the neighborhood.  We hadn't been to the pool since last summer, yet as we walked by the clubhouse you pointed at it and said "pool".  How on earth did you remember that? 

You're still using pacis.  I dread taking these away, but afraid I will have to do so after our vacation in June.

Every truck you see is a "big dump truck".  It doesn't matter if its a pickup truck, trash truck, a real dump truck or an SUV ... they are all dump trucks in your eyes.

You love playing in the water.  Both in your pool and your sand/water table.  More than anything you like to fill buckets and water my flowers.

You are a huge helper.  When you see me doing a chore you often try to copy me/help.  Whether I'm cleaning a mess off the floor or putting dirty clothes in the laundry, you are always there to lend a hand! 

You identify most things by their color.  For instance, if you see your dad wearing a blue shirt he is "blue dada".

You string words together all the time.  The longest sentence we've heard from you yet is "dada red lawnmower all done"

Although your sitter says you aren't a great eater, you eat well for me at home.  (Typically) You are very choosy with what you eat and will inspect things very closely before putting them into your mouth.  

Happiest of Birthdays to you, dear Wyatt!


melody burkett said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WY-WY! You mom had described you to a T!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday to Wyatt! He's such a handsome little guy. I love that he thinks his last name is Lawnmower :)

BWL said...

My son!!!

meg williams said...

happy birthday wywy! hope it is a great day!! and congratulations to mommy and daddy on TWO YEARS!!!

The Slyes - Aubrey, David, and Harrison said...

Congrats on being TWO mr lawnmower!! You are too precious!