Friday, May 18, 2012

Wyatt's Birthday {The Party}

I've already shared all the details and decorations of W's party but my mom also took loads of pictures of all the kids at his party!  As you can tell, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

As I mentioned earlier, the party was at a local bouncy house place.  (Kangazoom -- its right by our house and Wyatt goes up there all the time).  They do a good job at having slides/jumpy things both for big kids and toddlers.  Although most of the children at the party were toddlers, they also let adults help their children to get up and down the big slides.  (And it is exhausting!)

Anyway, here are some action shots.

I personally think this whole concept is brilliant -- wear the kids out, then feed them dinner.  Not sure about everyone else, but I think W was asleep before his head hit the pillow that night!

After the kids played, they took Wyatt via wagon back to the party room.

I thought for sure it would be a goat rodeo in that room, but surprisingly it wasn't.  Pizza and some fruit and a juice box (sorry about the HFCS y'all -- i should have known to bring my own juice boxes and not used what they provided) were on the table at each child's place and they all actually sat down and ate.  It was amazing.  I suppose they were all tired, and hungry as it was dinnertime.

After everyone ate, we sang Happy Birthday.  Wyatt was on the verge of meltdown mode and then he realized that everyone was singing to him and we saw his sweet little smile!

 And then he refused to blow out his candles.

He also refused his cupcake.

Until we quit trying to encourage him to eat it.

Although it was nearly bath time when we got home, we let Wyatt play outside for a little while once we got home.  He just loves watering our flowers so he had a blast.

We also tried and tried to get a family picture.  Ideally, would have liked one of him with each set grandparents and his aunts and uncles, but that just wasn't gonna happen ....

He definitley understands presents this year and loved opening each one.

Thanks again to everyone who made the day so special for Wyatt (and for Ben and I).  

Birthday Month will continue next week on W's ACTUAL birthday!

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Julie said...

The boys had SO much fun!! They are still playing with their adorable tool sets! Happy Bday, Wyatt!!