Monday, March 5, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect!

Wyatt was still so young last Easter and not walking yet, so the Easter Egg Hunt went a lot like this ....
We posed him to get a few pictures and put a couple eggs in his basket, but mostly he was too young to understand what was going on and certainly too young to eat any of the candy that was inside the eggs.

Well, this year is different.  He loves to run around, he loves to be outside, he loves to gather things and put them inside baskets so theoretically the egg hunt this year should be a hit, right?  Well that isn't exactly how Wyatt operates.  He doesn't necessarily do something just because all the other kids are doing it (for example - you take him to the park and he picks up leaves while every other child is playing on the swingset).  He dances to his own drum, so to speak, so I figured that if I wanted this year's Easter Egg Hunt to be a success, I needed to teach him what to do.

Publix had all their Easter stuff out yesterday when I went to get groceries, so I bought a pack of plastic eggs and figured we'd use them for practice.  I came home, filled them, and scattered them around the living room while he was napping. I envisioned doing this outside, but it was too windy and cold yesterday so I settled for the living room. 

After he woke up and ate a little snack I explained to him that I had hidden easter eggs and he needed to get his basket and go find them.  He actually seemed to understand me as he went right in and found one and placed it in his basket. 

Somewhere between the first and second egg he found, he discovered that they were filled.  With goldfish!  After this discovery, he would find an egg, open it, eat what was inside, and then move on to the next.

The ones with M&M's made him especially happy! 

All in all, I consider this a success.  Now we've got to work on not stopping to eat in between each egg.

 Oh, and after all the eggs were found and all snacks consumed, he loaded them up in his bulldozer so they could be hauled off!  (He is ALL boy)


Josh said...

I hope Wyatt has a vertical jump more like Ben and less like you.


Sarah said...

This is awesome! I wonder if Anna is ready for this? He looks so happy to be opening eggs with snacks inside!

The Slyes - Aubrey, David, and Harrison said...

He is so cute and getting soooo big (long)!!! He's going to be a tall drink of water- watch out ladies!!!