Thursday, March 29, 2012

House Updates

We've lived in our house for two years now ... actually it was 2 years as of the 12th.  Its crazy how time flies, and how my once freshly-painted, newly-carpeted, perfect house is now in desperate need of some TLC.  However, that TLC isn't going to happen until Wyatt gets a little older because for now Elmo will still be tossed down the stairs on a daily basis, and he will keep running into walls with his cars and trucks just to hear the sound it makes.   I guess what I'm trying to say is that I realize my house isn't the Taj Mahal, but I still am excited about the little changes we make here and there so I figure I'll share them as they happen.

Our living room has been such an irritant for me for a long time.  This room sat empty for nearly two years.  We have always called it the 'useless' room as it just feels like a waste of space.  But, after two years it was time to just bite the bullet and at least buy furniture for the room so it looks nice when people come in the house.  Mom and I went to my favorite local furniture store and picked everything out in early January and it all came in about 6 weeks later. 



Still a few more touches, I'll probably add over time but for now I LOVE it!!


Erin said...

Living room looks great!

kindredly said...

Looks great! Love the nail head detail!