Thursday, December 8, 2011

What's in my purse?

About a month ago, I sent out an email to a few friends that I knew had moved within the past year asking for their addresses so that my files would be updated and ready to go when I got around to addressing Christmas cards.  One of them replied "wow, I hope to be as organized as you when I grow up"

I'm not exactly sure what my response was, but I'm guessing it was along the lines of "nope.  totally unorganized but glad I've got at least one person fooled".  (HI STACY!)

So, just to prove that point ... that I am tooootally disorganized I dumped my purse out on my desk and took a picture of the contents.  Its pretty scary!!

I mean.  Geez. I use most of those things, but certainly not on a daily basis.  Its just amazing how things sink into the black hole of my purse.  Maybe one day I'll figure out a better organization system!

Oh and just FYI  that boarding pass?  Is Ben's from our honeymoon.  Over FOUR YEARS ago.  Now that I see that, I remember finding it in a tote bag the other day and just couldn't let myself throw it away so into the black hole it went!!

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