Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Six Christmases

So we've had a busy few weeks, but who hasn't?  Before Ben and I were married, we decided that we would alternate Thanksgiving/Christmas with our families each year BUT that we would always celebrate Christmas with both families - even if we have to celebrate before or after.  That left us this year with six different celebrations! 

This was Ben's family's year for actual Christmas so we celebrated with my family the weekend prior.  We had a wonderful dinner at Mom and Dad's house and the kids all enjoyed opening gifts and playing together.  Wyatt even cooperated by sitting at the dinner table for forty-five minutes while we all ate (this is VERY a-typical of Wyatt). 

What he didn't want to cooperate with was posing for pictures.
He loves his new tool bench!

We did get ONE family picture.  I think this may have been the only one all Christmas

Then on Sunday, we went to my Grandfather's house and enjoyed lunch with all my  cousins, aunts and uncles.  Again, W didn't really want to pose in this picture of all the great-grandchildren.

Mom and I did take Wyatt down to ride the Pink Pig.  I believe we took him on the Thursday prior to Christmas -- this may not have been the wisest move as we waited in line for about 2 hours.  But hey, its tradition, right?

This was taken before he started crying but he was VERY ill-impressed :(

I called Santa and asked him to come a few days early since we were leaving on Friday to head up to Tennessee.  

Santa obliged.

Wyatt loved all of his new toys and had a few minutes to play with each of them.

However, he was most interested in eating the leftover cookies that Santa didn't eat!

On Friday, we left for Tennessee to celebrate with Ben's family. 

We had dinner with Ben's Aunt Weez and Uncle Bill followed by opening gifts.  (Photog was too busy chasing after Wyatt so sorry for the lack of pics!)

The next morning, we did gifts with Ben's immediate family.

That afternoon, Ben's Aunt Susan and Uncle Al came to town and we had a fantastic dinner with them followed by more gifts.

We relaxed with family Christmas day and Ben and I even got a chance to go out to a movie!  It was a good Christmas and now we're ready for NYE. 

Whew!  Longgest blog post ever?  I'm tired.  Oh and also if you're counting I believe that was more than 6 Christmases, but you get the idea right?

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Julie and Scott Cooper said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas! I love multiple celebrations! I like your new design at the top of your blog! Happy new year!