Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weekend Happenings

I think this past weekend marks our first 'busy' weekend of the Christmas season!  Who am I kidding, all of our weekends are usually busy ... Christmastime or not?  Anyway, we were busy.

We kicked off Friday by Lolly coming down to keep Wyatt for the afternoon and evening.  We had been looking for a babysitter all week because we had a party we wanted to attend, and weren't having any luck when out of the blue Lolly emailed us and asked if we happened to have anything coming up for which we might need a sitter.  That's how we roll .... we import sitters from Tennessee!  

Wyatt and his Lolly had a fantastic afternoon -- it was a pretty day so they spent tons of time outside and he even got to go down to the park!  I think they probably wore each other out, and she relaxed at our house while we went to our neighborhood's progressive party.  Wish I had pictures of it, but man, our neighborhood knows how to have a good time.

We went up to a cute little place called Farmhouse in the City on Saturday morning for Ellie's 3rd birthday party!  All the kids had so much fun playing with the toys, dressing up, and painting pottery.
The Birthday Girl!

Ellie and Wyatt holding the Bunny
I'm pretty sure we have a budding artist on our hands.  Here is mini-Monet in action:

The final product?  
This may have turned out prettier if I'd helped him to paint left-handed as opposed to right.  Oops!

Ellie didn't have time to open her gifts at the party, so she did that after she got home.  Here is a picture of her teaching her little brother how to use one of her gifts.  Doesn't EVERY three year old need an i-touch??

After we went home and Wyatt had a nap, he and I went to get his very first haircut!  I've been putting this off for several weeks now, but since we were venturing into mullet territory I decided it was time!  We went to Pigtails and Crewcuts, which was totally out of the way but absolutely worth the drive!  Wyatt loved playing with the train set while we were waiting and then once he got in the stylist's chair he was not so sure.  He started shaking his head "no" when she pulled out the scissors and started working.  I tried to convince him with toys, animal crackers, books and none of that was working so I resorted to giving him a lollipop.  That worked!  (And he ate that thing down to NOTHING and then fought me when i took away the stick)

Here is a (not so good) shot of the mullet

Hair cutting in action
Final product!  He looks so old now ....
We spent the rest of the evening/weekend working on Christmas decorations and getting our house picked up.  We've got a little more Clark Grizzwwald-ing to do to the exterior of our house and I'll show pictures next week maybe.

Oh.  And totally un-related to our weekend.  Wyatt saw the same santa at the same mall both last year and this year.  How is the mileage from the North Pole different from year to year?  (Does that have something to do with the rotation of the earth or did they just miss that tiny detail?)

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