Thursday, October 13, 2011

Random Thangs

I don't think any of this really warrants a whole post, but I've got some general randomness to share today!  (With the tens of people who read this little blog:)

1) I am LOVING Elf makeup as of late.  Late this summer, I discovered this blush/bronzer set and LOVE it.  It is supposedly a dupe of some Nars product.  Can't really speak to that as I've never tried the Nars, but i do happen to love this set.  And its only $3!!! 
2) After one good experience with Elf, I decided to give it another try.  I bought this eyeshadow palette for I think $5 and it is fantastic!!  I may keep buying foundation and powder from the higher priced companies but I think I'll stick with the Elf eye shadows and blushes for a while!
3) Soooo, I made a little discovery last night/this morning.  Wyatt got sick last night about an hour and a half after he ate dinner.  This is the 4th time this has happened and it always follows the same pattern so I've suspected a food allergy but didn't know what it was.  I've kept a food log ever since the first occurrence and after last night I figured out the common link.  Salba grain!!  I've been giving him 'baby' food recently as a) he loves these squeezable pouches and b) its a good way to pump some fruits/veggies into him and there are several brands out there.  Only one of the brands contains this super-grain ... Happy Tot.  Isn't that crazy?  He has no other food allergies (that we're aware of) just to this random grain. 
4) As a result of him puking his guts out until midnight last night I was a little leery of giving him any milk this morning so I gave him a sippy cup of Pedialyte with his breakfast this morning. He CHUGGED it (and I'm sure he was thirsty, but still).  I gave him a second cup.  Chugged again.  I think he thinks its a treat since he really only drinks milk and water?  Poor baby.
5) I've had these shoes for a very long time.  I LOVE them and don't know where to find a new pair so I've resisted getting rid of these.  But they're just looking way too ratty to keep wearing, I think.  Guess its time to part with them???

6) We've started referring to Wyatt as "the badger" as of late after watching that honey badger you tube video.  (Have you seen it?  Its hilarious.  Worth your time to watch.  Swearz)  See what I mean? Wyatt is totally a badger ...

7) Last bit of randomness for you today.  I have another irrational hatred (similar to my hatred of cooked carrots) ... 3-series BMW's.  Have you ever noticed that when someone cuts you off in traffic or does something generally obnoxious or rude, they tend to be driving a 3-series?  Its true .... don't be rough!!


Erin said...

I just watched the Honey Badger for the first time, and I am DYING laughing!

Sarah said...

I just watched the Honey Badger video, but I didn't have the sound on because I'm at my desk. Am I missing out by not listening? It was interesting, and a little gross...but not funny...?

Also, I'm so glad you figured out about Wyatt's food allergy! That had to be tough taking care of him while he was so sick. I am sure you are glad that you know what to avoid now.

Katie said...

There is even a pistachio commercial using the honeybadger and that man's narration!! Its pretty funny too.

Sarah - Yes, you definitley need the sound! It is pretty gross, but the guy narrating the video makes it funny.

Lexi said...

It certainly does sound like your son has an allergy to Salba. We were taken by surprise when our daughter had that allergy. But after talking with our doctor and learning how it can be related to sesame, we understand now. We avoid most things with "seed" in the title, including sunflower seeds which our daughter is also allergic to. I hope he feels better soon and doesn't have any more allergies!

Julie said...

I am laughing out loud - that video cracks me up every time. I love the pics of W at Burt's farm... we are going to try to brave going there tomorrow- hopefully it won't be too crowded!