Thursday, July 14, 2011

St. Simons Island

This past weekend, we went down to St. Simons with Ben's family.  Ben's parents had been there all week so us along with Ben's Aunt and Uncle all went down to meet them.  We got a little bit of rain on the very first day, but other than that the weather was beautiful and more importantly we all enjoyed spending time together.  We see my family often, but with Ben's family out of town our schedules just don't work out to get together as often as we would like.

Wyatt started out each day with a walk on the beach.  Here he is with his Lolly, Great Uncle Alfredo, and Aunt Susan.  As you can tell, he was having a blast!

He was a bit sleepy, so eventually he fell asleep in the stroller.  Tough life he has!

And when he woke up it was time for a little snack.

Since it started raining, we ended up taking Wyatt to the indoor pool for a little while.  He is typically a little timid when he gets into a pool.  He tolerates it but clings to me the whole time.  Today was an exception -- he swam like a fish in this little pool!

Once the rain passed, we took him to the baby pool outside for a few minutes before taking him in for lunch.

After lunch, Wyatt took a verrrrryyyy long nap.  His Lolly stayed back in the villa with him so that we could all go outside and enjoy the afternoon.  (Thanks, Lolly!)

Wyatt ended up waking in time to get a few more minutes at the pool before we had to go in and get ready to go to dinner.  We ended up having to wait a few minutes to get seated, and W was getting tired so he ate his dinner in his stroller outside the restaurant. 

 One would think that since he had taken a long nap, he would have been able to stay up a little bit past his normal bedtime.  However, that was not the case at all!  He got so tired that he just fell asleep on Ben's shoulder and then his Pops held him while we all finished up our meals. (Thanks, Pops!)

The next day, we did much of the same ... beach walk, pool time, lunch, naps, more pool time.

One thing he got a HUGE kick out of is pushing this little table down by the pool.  I don't know what his obsession is with pushing tables, but that is the only thing he was interested in doing at the pool.  

The weather started to look a bit iffy, so we all decided that maybe we should just go ahead and get dressed for dinner early.  However, by the time we got to the restaurant and on the waiting list Wyatt was starting to get sleepy.  I quickly fed him while he was sitting in his stroller and immediately knew his evening was over after he got bit by a mosquito and had an absolute meltdown.  Lolly and Pops ended up taking W back home so he could go to bed while Ben and I stayed to eat with Al and Susan.  We missed the other half of our crew, but I know Wyatt was just glad to get to go to sleep.  (I'm not kidding when I say that his early bedtime is decided by him, not us!)

After dinner, we all came back to the villa and relaxed a bit.  I think someone may have been "overserved" (kidding ... he was just being silly)

Wyatt, Lolly Pops, Susan, and Al all had their morning beach walk on Sunday morning.  One last walk before hitting the road.  We all had a nice lunch downtown and hit the road.

It wasn't the easiest ride back for Wyatt.  As it turns out, he was cutting his 1-year molars and I think that is partially what made him more sleepy than usual.  Its definitley what made him cranky.  Eventually, after giving him some Motrin he settled down and slept in his car seat.

We had a fantastic time, but were glad to be home!  Look how happy this kid is to be home with all his toys!


Accidentally Me said...

I can't get my girls to wear hats OR sunglasses!!! And then they get mad that it is too bright outside...

Katie said...

He only tolerates the hats sometimes. If he thinks about it he'll work to get it off.

And the sunglasses were on for all of 2 seconds. He likes playing with them though!

Julie said...

It looks like such a fun trip! W is way too cute in that hat!