Monday, August 2, 2010

Special Visitors!

Once again, I'm like a week behind.

Not this past weekend, but the one prior started out early with a birthday party for Wyatt's friend Hollis. Wyatt loves his daily outings and this one happened to be at the park so he got to spend some time outside and being carried around/spoiled by all of our friends. After the birthday party, his Aunt Susan and Uncle Al came into town (from Knoxville) to visit him! They spent the day playing with him and spoiling him and posing for lots of pictures. This is just one of many that we took over the weekend.
As usual, we had a great time visiting with Al and Susan and were glad they got to spend some time with our sweet boy. I know Wyatt loves having visitors as well and he really just continues to adapt to pretty much anything we need him to! The next day, some of Al and Susan's friends came over to visit him as well! This child DOES NOT lack for attention. (And we are so glad for that).

Then, on Tuesday night, Wyatt got yet another special visitor! His Lolly came down from Murfreesboro to keep him for a few days while I returned to work. I wanted to ease back into working and wait as long as possible before starting to send Wyatt to daycare so this was a great help to us. I feel about a million times better knowing that a family member is caring for W when we are away at work and other than just generally wondering what he is up to, my mind is completely at ease that he is getting plenty of attention. The bonus here was that even when I did get home from work, Ben's mom would watch Wyatt and let me take a nap, or read or whatever. She also made dinner for us so I didn't have to worry about that! So, pretty much it was a vacation for me ..... haha!

I didn't manage to get a picture of Lolly and Wyatt while she was here, but I'm putting one up from a few weeks ago so that her visit is represented!On Friday morning, Wyatt and I loaded up and came into the office for just a few hours before heading up to the lake for the weekend. Ben was out of town with a bunch of friends for the weekend so Wyatt and I went to the lake with my parents for the weekend. It was relaxing and so much fun -- even if the sun wasn't out a whole lot! At least that meant W got to spend some time on the dock. His Poppa even taught him all about fishing!
Today, its back to work (full time) for me and daycare for Wyatt. Or DayNeglect, as I like to call it .... sad :(

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Kimberly said...

I love the pic. of Dad (Papa) showing Wyatt how to fish. Good thing Ellie was not in attendance--she would not have allowed that interaction to happen. Hehe!