Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Another typical lake weekend for the Longmire family (and also the Heglin family and the Burkett family!) Ben says my blog is boring when I write the same old stuff about the lake, so I'll just re-cap quickly via pictures. This past weekend we .......

celebrated Kimmie's birthday! worked hard to capture a smile on cameratested Wyatt out in his new bumpo
went on a few rides in the kayak caught some fish
took a few naps
visited with our cousins
swam in the lake
went for a few boat rides
caught some rays'

and we even water-skied!!! (me, mom, and kimmie all got up and skied for quite a while)


meg williams said...

great pics - wyatt is presh! and you look great on the skies - what a MILF!!!

meg williams said...

also - kimmie - where did you get that cute striped dress?
(sorry to use your blog as the home shopping network, kat.)

BWL said...

Ben is such a debbie downer.

Good pics though.

meg williams said...