Monday, August 23, 2010

Rocky Top ....

This past weekend we went to visit Ben's family up in Tennessee. We headed up there on Friday afternoon and were joined by Ben's aunts and uncles on Saturday for a shower (for Wyatt) and to visit with us. One thing Ben and I have quickly discovered is that you become chopped liver to your family once you have a baby! (Which is honestly 100% okay with us -- we are happy that so many people love Wyatt so much).

This was actually taken on Thursday afternoon -- I'm still working on these bee hat pictures!!!! Determined to get it right. This one is cute (I think) but not really what I'm trying to capture.

We had some special visitors on Friday afternoon -- Celby, Kate, Clara, and Michael all came to Lolly's house to meet Wyatt!

Lolly showed Clara and Wyatt how to play piano on her new baby grand!

Me and Wyatt after we got all dressed for the shower. Hard to get him to look at the camera ... and forget timing the smile correctly!

Ben, Wyatt, and Lolly before we left for the shower. Again, tough to get W to look at the camera and smile at the same time. (Although this is a concept we expect him to master pretty soon)

Wyatt with his Uncle Al & Aunt Susan

Wyatt and Lolly before we left on Sunday

Wyatt and Pops

Before we left town on Sunday we stopped by to visit one of Ben's oldest friends, Russ, and his parents. (Anyone else notice a trend here with Wyatt shoving his hands in his mouth??)

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rorolong said...

I can almost feel those little "chipmunk cheeks" just looking at these pictures! Thanks for posting on your blog...