Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm so fat that even my clothes are too heavy

I am a terrible blogger. And I foresee myself only getting worse when Shim arrives in a few months!

Ben and I were slowly but surely making progress in getting things ready for our move in April. Early last week I actually thought I was ahead of the game - Shim's furniture was on order, I ordered new bedroom furniture for Ben and I, ordered our kitchen table, was having some coffee and end tables re-finished, and just had a few other odds and ends to get together before we moved. I thought I had about 2 more months to do it so I wasn't worried at all. THEN, Ben called me on Friday to say that the builder called him and wanted to move up our closing date to March 12!!! Eeek.

Of course this is good news, but now I suddenly don't feel so organized and on top of things! I'm not the type to move in and not have my house presentable - especially with a baby coming - so I now am feeling a little rushed to get a couple more things done before closing day. However, we will now close two months before my due date and we were looking at one month prior so from that standpoint I'll have a lot more time to get things unpacked and situated. (And that means a lot of heavy lifting and work for Ben since I am really going to have to be cautious)

When Ben got home from work on Friday, we already had a couple inches of snow on the ground and it was so pretty that I insisted we go outside and take snow pictures! Cheesy, probably but oh well! We haven't taken a picture together in forever so I felt like we needed some and the snow was a good excuse.

Now that I have digested the fact that we're moving in less than 30 days, I am excited about it. Still worried that I won't have everything done in time, but excited nonetheless. I think what finally set me over the edge and made me realize that it was time to get out of my parent's house was what happened to me last night ....

I was trying to get organized for the week - picking up our room, hanging up clothes, organizing our closet, etc. Anyway, I was getting my clothes out for work on Monday when I decided that I needed to find a specific scarf out of the basket I had sitting on the shelf where all my clothes were hanging. I was up on my tiptoes and put just a liiiitttttle pressure on the shelf to pull the basket down and CRASH! The whole rack of clothes came tumbling down! The shelf literally was ripped from the wall. Awesome. So on that note .... it's high time for a move!


Kimberly said...

Ha! Its about time that happened to you! Mine has crashed 2 times. :)

Mrs. EDO said...

Yeh! Moving early! Boo! Closet Rod...It totally happened to me in college! Miss ya!

EquisBuffy said...

Ugh the curse of being short. I always go to the kitchen and grab the tongs when I need to go-go gadget my arms.

Good news is you won't be homeless when Baby Shim arrives. Yay!