Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This past weekend, I took one final little getaway to visit a friend in DC. It was a little girls' weekend that we had planned a month or so ago and I figured this would be my last opportunity for a while. Despite my sister's concern about me flying at 28 weeks prego, I went anyway and Shim and I were both just fine!

Erin and I flew up to DC on Friday afternoon and Tracey picked us up from the airport. We changed clothes and went to dinner at a cute little bar/pub type place in Georgetown. The snow was still EVERYWHERE but fortunately it was all piled away so that you could still walk on the sidewalks and streets. Anyway, we had dinner and then just went home to watch some Olympics and relax a bit. We were lazy and slept in on Saturday and spent the afternoon shopping, and went to see The Blind Side (so, so good). That night we enjoyed a nice seafood dinner - best crab cakes I've had in quite a while! We also took the one and only picture from the whole weekend that night.
Notice Erin & Tracey enjoying their wine, while I jealously drank an Izze!

We had a little time on Sunday to relax and since it was such a pretty day we were able to walk to a little restaurant to have brunch before having to go to the airport. It was a fabulous weekend but of course it just went by way too quickly!

Monday morning was back to reality for me. I had another doctor's appointment and was pleased to learn that I had only gained 3 pounds since my last visit!! This was good news considering I got a little talkin' to about my weight gain on the previous visit. Anyway, I had to take a glucose screening test and BARELY passed that. But passing is passing, right?

I saw the Midwife this time, who I actually liked a lot despite my pre-conceived opinions before meeting with her. She spent a lot of time with me to make sure I didn't have any questions and thoroughly reviewed my file to discuss a couple of issues (nothing major - just things specific to my pregnancy) that she noticed. One of those non-serious 'issues' was the fact that she noticed from my last ultra sound report that Shim's head was a little on the large side. This isn't a big deal - it just means that the baby's head could be larger than average. This made me laugh mainly because last time Ellie was at her doctor her head circumference was larger than the average as well. I guess it runs in the family?

So, with that, Shim has now acquired a new nickname. HEEEED.

I never post you tube videos on my blog because I don't ever watch them on other people's blogs but I can't resist posting this scene from So I Married an Axe Murderer! (Thanks to Ben for helping me to post this video!)


Kimberly said...

Love the new name!

NO, I didn't want you flying but I'm glad it went well! :)

BWL said...

Look at the size of that boy's heed...I'm not kiddin it's like an orange on a toothpick...

Bobbin Head Doll Shim

Team Thompson said...

We went for Hollis's 18 month appointment last month.

Weight--50 percentile
Height--75 percentile
Head--97 percentile

Takes after her daddy.....I can barely wear a baseball cap.

Erin said...

Katie, you forgot to mention that you got hit on by some college boys when we were leaving brunch on Sunday!

The Kuliseks said...

Both of my kids have huge heads! I'm glad to know there are others in my boat.