Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I wish ....

on Waikiki Beach
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When Ben and I first arrived in Hawaii this past August, I thought I was way too pale. (I know tans aren't really in style but I still love them) For the first 2-3 days we were there, I kept telling Ben how I just felt so pale. Well, right now, I just WISH I could look like this. Both the skinniness and the tan.

I sent this picture to Ben earlier today and said the same to him. His response? "Yeah, I wish I still had that visor and those glasses"

He blames me for losing them both. I'm pretty sure the visor fell out of my bag after we arrived in Maui and the glasses fell out of my purse at church a few months ago. I think he also lost an iPod once because it fell out of my beach bag. I was blamed for that until he got a new one. I think the real take-away here is that I simply cannot be trusted with such prized possessions!

Anyway, back to the point of my post. I guess I'm just complaining but I would very likely give my left arm right now to be tan and skinny again instead of pale and carrying a basketball in my belly!


ashkindred said...

I swear the girl next to me at the gym this morning was horrified at the amount of bronzer I piled on while getting ready (I caught her looking). I am right there with you. Is it socially acceptable for pregnant women to get a spray tan? Or can the "fumes" effect the peanut? I'm curious about this because I think I'll definitely need a couple when it's time for me to have a bambino.

ashkindred said...

ahem *affect.

good grief.

EquisBuffy said...

Hey I'm going to Oahu in a few weeks. Is there anything you recommend we do or places to eat?

Katie said...

Kindredly - I think spray tanning is probably okay. I've just always felt like it makes me look orange. But at this point I'm beginning to think that orange > translucent!

Is it affect or effect? I never know when to use which one?

EquisBuffy - Soooo jealous! You definitley need to try a steakhouse in Waikiki beach called Wolfgang's. It is expensive but totally worth it. And go to Duke's - not as much for the food as for the atmosphere but it is a really fun place if you're into that tourist-trap kind of thing.

We didn't do any of these things but heard that we should have checked out the Bonzai pipeline, North Shore, Hanauma Bay snorkeling, and Giovani's shrimp truck. Have fun!!!

BWL said...

I guess I will learn my lesson at some point. Maybe I will get a satchel like the dude from the Hangover.

Why trust your things to somebody with a giant bag that can hold thousands of different makeup tools and lipsticks, 243 packs of gum, janitors keys, spare change, wallets, cellphones, small children, 2 jackets, a half a sandwich, becky's dogs, a hairbrush, hand sanitizer, cameras, cash, kleenex boxes, pens, fruity tums, sophie kinsella novels, 7 kinds of chapstick, some altoids, a backup outfit, 4 lotions, a few recipes, some coupons, some expired gift cards, those little blue pieces of paper to rub oil off your face, Stubs the iguana, disposable toothbrushes, and of course the 4 pair of sunglasses that magically won't get lost.

Obviously looking back, now i can see that I should have just held on to them no matter how ridiculous I would look wearing sunglasses in church.

EquisBuffy, don't forget Diamondhead.