Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shoe Fever!

I'm desperate to go fall shoe shopping. I keep getting emails from DSW and they are just luring me in. Ben and I are supposed to go to the lake this weekend (gotta get one last tan before the weather turns) but if not I'm hitting up the DSW. These are some of my favorites I found online.

I love heels. I know they damage my feet, and I'll regret wearing them so much once I'm older but I just can't give them up quite yet. I've cut back and wear flats from time to time, but really heels just look so much better. And I think they make your pants appear to fit better as well. So, with that said, these are a few of my favorites that I found at DSW's website.
I really do like these, and while they would be ideal for fall I really need to find something that can take me into winter as well. I'm not so sure a peep-toe bootie fits the billThese guys? They are awesome. The ruffles are cute and would add some visual interest to an everyday plain-jane outfit. Not in purple though, I would go for black or brown.
These are great, but that heel might be a little bit too high. Would I look too streetwalker in a 5" heel? Probably so. But the flower and peep-toe are adorable.

Like I said earlier, I'm trying to wear flats more often but its just tough. I'm short so the height boost is necessary and I have such high arches that some of my heels are just as comfortable as my flats. Anyway. I am on the lookout for one or two pairs of smart shoes and I think these just might be winners.
I think the little flower is what drew me to these in the first place, although I really like the color as well. These don't look like the comfortable type of flats though.

(not sure how to take that 'featured in commercial' part off) The good thing about these is that they are stretchy in the back, that is key to a comfortable flat. I also like the ruffles on the front -- just a little visual interest but not too over the top. I think I'm going to definitely buy these bad boys. I just need to decide what color I want.


Erin said...

I'm a huge fan of suede booties. Is it appropriate to wear them now or do we need to wait until October?

EquisBuffy said...

The peep toes were hands down my favorites. Although you are probably right not very sensible for winter.

Josh said...

Fail x 5