Thursday, August 27, 2009

OCD? Probably so.

I have this big problem with my grocery store. And I'm not sure what to do about it.

I've lately been going to the grocery on Monday afternoons after I get off work, and typically there are not many people in the store when I go. Because there are not too many people in the store, there is rarely a wait at the cash register which is a good thing. But a few months ago, I started noticing that the manager was always standing in front of the line of registers every time I checked out and he occasionally would come over and help customers unload their carts onto the little conveyor belt thingy.

I do realize they are doing this in an effort to please their customers, but I simply do not like or want their help. I really like for my groceries to be bagged a certain way: produce with produce, meat with meat, dairy with dairy, cleaning products with cleaning products, etc. I think that is fairly reasonable, no? I've found that if I lay my groceries onto the conveyor MYSELF everything is usually bagged the way I like. If somoene helps me,well, inevitably I get home to find my bag of chips crushed because it was bagged with heavy potatoes, or I'll find meat in the same bag as my produce (some of which I eat raw). Its just gross, right? Not to mention its so much easier for me to unload if things are bagged properly.

This wasn't a big issue until the last two months or so. I could get away with no-help from the manager about 66% of the time so I just growled to myself the few times that he did beeline over to help me. Now, the manager AND the assistant manager stand at the front so there is no hope of scooting through without their help. I've tried every possible thing : not making eye contact, rushing to the first register before I pass them by, telling them "you really don't have to do this". Nothing works!!!!

Here's the thing. These are nice people, and I go to this store every single week. I don't want to be rude and I also don't really want to let them catch onto the fact that I'm a little bit crazy*. What should I do? How can I explain that I really don't want their help without explaining my rationale**.

*I know I just stated this publicly on my blog, so why should I have trouble telling someone at Kroger the same thing but if you read my blog, you already know I'm a little nuts. The Kroger people don't.

**which is totally valid and all, its just maybe a little over the top


Tia Faulkner said...

So a little OCD? Yes, but to make you feel better, I am the same way. It just makes sense! You want your groceries bagged in their proper categories- this makes things so much easier! As far as the "over helpful" employees I think you should use Harrison's line, "No! Backup!!" Make sure you put your arm out, give them "The Look", and use a stern tone. That should do the trick! Good luck sista:)

Erin said...

That sounds really annoying. I would just go to another store.

Wes said...

Agree with's a Kroger. There's a lot of them. There's a Publix around the corner.*

There's also a different day when that clown isn't working. Just ask which day is his day off so you know when to come back without being harassed...he'll stop.**

*The Publix has AWESOME cajun stir-fry anyway.

**There's no **, I just want to stick with the theme of using **, which signifies author's commentary, on a blog, which is just a collection of author's commentary. It's like posting naked pictures of strippers at a strip club. Everyone came to the blog to read Katie's commentary. We don't need extra pictures of naked strippers...they're already naked on the stage.

Josh said...

You should try using Web Van.

EquisBuffy said...

Holy crap I am equally crazy…although I prefer the term quirky. I do the same thing at the grocery store. Lucky for me the management at my store isn’t as keen on customer service. Sometimes being rude is exactly what is needed to get your point across. At times I find it very effective. Unfortunately if you are set on not being a beeyotch you might have to go with Erin and Wes’s suggestion and try another store.

Michelle said...

The same thing happens to me and it drives me crazy. I thought it was just the policy at the "new" Kroger in Buckhead, but it sounds like it happens everywhere- maybe it's company policy? While they're unloading my cart, I'm quickly trying to squeeze around them and reorganize FOR THEM, but they get it done so quickly that I just don't have a chance. Ugh- it is so frustrating.

Megan said...

are you speaking of the kroger on floyd rd? if so i know exactly who you are speaking of. i couldn't even get my baby to divert his attention and she was trying to grab his tie! nothing will stop this man from unloading your groceries at mock speed - and in ultimate random order. orange juice and milk? absolutely not! diaper cream and chicken breasts? of course! i think next time i am going to tell him there is a clean up on aisle two that needs his immediate attention.

Anonymous said...

Ask your husband about having your potato chips crushed.
He can probably speak to it well

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Maybe try going at a different time when he's not working? That would be really annoying. Or maybe just explain to them how you want your groceries bagged. After that, maybe he'll leave you alone. :D

brunette said...

All of these solutions will leave you having to explain yourself every freaking time you go to that store... I reckon write a letter to the store management explaining that their seemingly 'helpful' new policy is annoying the shit outta their customers? Perhaps they could save the assistance for those who might really need it, maybe the super duper elderly?
Like you say, they probably think they're doing something that makes the customers happy when in fact it's doing the opposite. This would bug me too, I don't need TWO store employees man-handling my tampons!