Monday, August 17, 2009

Hawaii - Days 3 and 4

I just realized that I didn't finish up telling yall about the rest of Day 2. After relaxing on the beach and at the pool, we got dressed, took some sunset pictures in front of Diamond Head and then headed over to Duke's (of the Jimmy Buffet song "Duke's on Sunday) for some dinner and an incredible lava flow. This is a picture of me enjoying my fruity boat drink

The thing about traveling that far is that we were SO TIRED after dinner each night so we never really did a whole lot after we finished eating. Also, we were up early every day for some new adventure so we just caught up on the beauty sleep.

We woke up on morning #3 and headed out to hike Diamond Head. We decided to get an early start on this for a few reasons: a) I always get up super early on vacation b) we needed to hike before the heat of the day c) we wanted to be able to have some more beach/pool time on our last day in Waikiki.

So anyway, we went off for the hike. It was fairly strenuous ... especially the last 10 minutes or so when there are about 100 steps to climb straight up, but we got there and the view was so worth it! This picture really doesn't even do it justice but at least it gives you some idea.

After the hike, we enjoyed THE BEST shave ice that I've ever had. Haven't had one of these since about 6th grade, but we both enjoyed every single bite! And it was a perfect treat after a tough hike.

That night we headed off to dinner at a resturant/bar that had been in Waikiki since 1928. It was pretty good and a relaxed atmosphere. We were going to be total cheesy tourists and hit up the local Senor Frogs but decided to take the bar to our balcony instead and have a dance party. (Ben will more than likely make me take this next picture down ASAP).

We woke up the next day (slightly hungover, if I must tell the truth), got checked out, and headed to Maui!!! Here is a picture of Ben driving our "bad pony" (the car we had in Maui). The drive from the airport to our resort was so scenic and gorgeous. We attempted to take a million pictures, but unfortch most of them didn't turn out well.

We stayed in a cute little resort area called Kaanapali and the condo we stayed in was literally bigger than our house. We laughed because this was the picture on the foyer table as we walked in.

Presumably, these are the owners of the condo. (Their hairstyle and clothing choices were NOT indicitave of the condo that we stayed in, I promise!) We decided to nickname them Tamra and Vance .... and we made up their whole life story. I would tell you but its sure to offend someone reading this blog so we'll just skip that part!

We spent a little bit of time poolside and beachside before getting dressed to head to dinner. We ate at this most awesome place in a nearby town called Lahaina. Lahaina is an old Whaling village and was actually the original capital of Hawaii. Anyway, its an adorable walking town filled with shops and resturants -- we went down there every night to have dinner and walk around.
Okay, I'll make only one more installment of this vacation thing ... I'm sure this is only interesting for me, Ben, and maybe our parents!


Michelle said...

Haha- Katie, this is actually so interesting to me because Pryor and I were just there for our honeymoon last year. Your blog makes me miss it! We stayed in the Westin Maui right beside Whaler's Village, and we ate at the restaurants there almost every night. We loved it! We also did all of the Honolulu touristy things- Pearl Harbor, Diamondhead, etc.,- but Maui was by far our fave part of the trip. I consumed many a Lava Flow while we were in Hawaii. :)

Jill said...

Ha Ha... the couple in the photo look like a Tamra and Vance!

Wes said...


Katie said...

Michelle - Maui was our favorite part as well!

Jill - I know, right? I don't understand why they would have chosen that photo to display!

Wes - yeah, i didn't run spell check. my bad

BWL said...

i think katie's fans should demand to see a couple of pics of her from our "mini bar and ipod dance party on our balcony"

for the record I was rehashing when Katie and I went and saw My Morning Jacket last summer and a giant costumed bear with a HUGE head just came out onstage and started bobbing around...i think we were obviously landed on a MMJ song on the shuffle

Tamra and Vance are now legends forever in my world. The entire condo was mirrored walls just about. I swear I thought we were at a condo in Orange Beach, Alabama when I first walked in and saw the picture and the place.

EquisBuffy said...

I'm glad I was able to read this before that pic of Ben gets yanked. And I agree with Ben show us your dance pics Katie!!

Wes said...

Equis, don't worry, I saved the picture of Ben if it gets yanked...we need Jellyfish pronto from Katie's perspective.

I also have a picture of the weather radar map before your honeymoon in Aruba. Glad that Hurrican Felicia died down for you.

Anonymous said...

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