Friday, April 19, 2013

Day at Stone Mountain

Mom always comes down to keep Wyatt once a week.  Typically she'll pick him up from school in the morning and they'll go run errands (of Wyatt's choosing), have lunch, and she'll hang out all afternoon until I get home.  We typically all go to dinner that night too so its a little break for me as well :) 

Anyway, Mom had been wanting to take him over to Stone Mountain to ride the train so that was their big 'event' a few weeks ago! 

He played golf while he was waiting for the train to open up.  He LOVED playing golf and was so proud of himself! 

Then they went on a train ride. 

Wyatt even got to take a picture with the engineer!

After the train ride, they watched a baby animals show.  This was right up Wyatt's alley of course -- he still talks about the baby alligator and kangaroos that he saw!

Thanks for taking him on such a fun adventure, Meme!

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