Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend

I'm about to totally overload this post with pictures of our weekend, but I just can't decide which ones to cut out so sorry in advance!  Our weekend started on Friday because W's sitter was off that day.  Mom and Dad were at the Masters for the week, so that meant W had to come to work with me for the morning.  I think between the donut and the random 'toys' sitting around my office I was able to get about an hours worth of work done before we had to leave!  Actually, pretty good.

We ran to Costco, then to Panera for lunch (poor decision) and then home for his nap, etc.  Our local jumpy place was having an Easter Egg Hunt and the Easter Bunny visit, so we met one of our neighbors and her friends up there for a few hours.

Wyatt was enamored by one of their new bouncy houses.

He thinks these palm trees are "umbebes" (umbrella -- his latest obsession).

He spent about 10 minutes just laying under the umbebe and looking up at it!  Hilarious.

We ended up hanging back from the Egg Hunt because there were some WILD kids there and we didn't want the babies to get trampled.  The kids didn't even know the difference and had a great time playing.  And the best part about wearing him out in the afternoon is that he ends up eating a great dinner and going to sleep very easily at bedtime!
Saturday morning we had a neighborhood hunt.  We had all turned in our eggs a few days prior, so by the time we arrived at the square everything was already hidden.  Of course Wyatt ran straight at the eggs excitedly and Ben ended up having to corral him on his shoulders.

Ready to start!

In action!

He likes to open each egg as he finds it.  If we're not careful he will just shove the candy into his mouth -- wrapper or not!

Playing on the slide after all the eggs were hunted. 

We did our best to get an Easter family photo.  Its so hard to get W to look at the camera and  you can just forget to get him looking AND smiling.

He tried to sneak a few pieces of chocolate in while we weren't looking.  I don't know how much he actually ate, but he managed to get it all over his clothes and face!

I fed Wyatt a quick lunch and put him in the car to head up to the lake.  Ben was staying home for the Master's so it was just me and my little road warrior. 

We relaxed around the lake house for the rest of Saturday afternoon.  The kids enjoyed playing together and making each other laugh ...

We also spent some time down on the dock.

I've decided to end this post here ... I'll continue in a later post.  I don't want yall readers (all 3 of you!) to talk behind my back about how I post too many pictures ....


Julie and Scott Cooper said...

Loved the pictures! Don't worry, if you are worried about TOO many pictures, just take a look at all my postings! :) I don't excel at cutting out a lot of pictures, so my (3) readers are probably overloaded for sure!! :)
Hope to see all of you soon!

BWL said...

That family picture is awesome. I clearly remember being told to move from one place we were standing into better light for taking a picture. Sweet pathfinder background.