Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Part Deux

I guess I'm late to posting this.  Totally forgot that I hadn't done so until I was going to do a post on our Saturday at the Zoo.   So stay tuned for that post soon! 

Here is the rest of Easter ...
The Easter Bunny came to visit, of course!  Also, note to EB for next year: DO NOT buy so much candy!

hands-down his favorite toys were the matchbox cars that his Meme gave him! (like my Halloween PJ's?)

Easter Egg Breakfast -- this is all over blogs and Pinterest and I've done this a few times for W with varying degrees of success.  Ellie however, LOVED, it!

Look who doesn't want to cooperate?

Wyatt is generally too busy to sit and pose for photos.

There is that sweet smile!!!

We worked hard for this picture! 

Sweet Baby!

Nope.  He isn't going to look at the camera.

Wyatt, Gavin, Ellie, Liam, Garrett, Caris, Wurth

Ready to hunt!  (Why do I always look like I'm trying to herd a cat in these sort of pictures?)

What is in my egg???!!!


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