Monday, March 14, 2011

90's Couples Shower for TErin

This past weekend, we had a 90's Couple's Shower for TErin.  I had several different ideas for a costume, but the weekend prior to the party I was wearing my Senior sweatshirt around the house (its the only sweatshirt I own, seriously) and it hit me .... I was in high school in the 90's!  So, I called up Mom and asked her if she had any of my old cheerleading pants.  Not only did she have the pants - she had one of my old uniforms.  Bam!  Costume done. 

Anyway, the shower was a lot of fun and people were really pretty creative with their costumes.  You never really know what kind of participation you're going to have if you tell people to dress in costume, but really most people didn't disappoint.    

I took Wyatt to Meme and Papa's house on Saturday afternoon so they could keep him for the night.  As it turned out, my sister had a shower that evening as well so Ellie stayed with them too.  I think my parents had a good time with the kids but I'm pretty sure they were ready to get rid of them the next day, ha!  (Wyatt is fairly easy but its a whole 'nother ballgame with 2 kiddos!) Mom shared some of the pictures she took on Sunday and judging from these, Wyatt didn't miss me one bit!
Playing with the lamb
When I got to the hose to pick Wyatt up, Mom was trying to get pictures of the 2 kids with this bunny.  Ellie saw me and jumped on TOP of the bunny while Wyatt just started smiling and flapping his arms!   I guess he was glad to see me!
Wyatt is memorized by Ellie and copies everything she does.  (And she copies him too, if I'm being honest).  Here she is sharing bites of her apple!

Mom said that W and E were standing in the crib posing and Ellie started jumping.  Since Wyatt can't jump he just stood there and bounced.  Copycat! 


Sarah said...

GREAT pictures! It seems like you have a hard time getting him to smile for the camera and I was so happy to see some grins!

Kimberly said...

So weird to see that uniform again! Looks like the shower was so fun!

Love the pics. of Ellie and Wyatt. The apple one is my favorite! And yes, she copies him JUST as much as he copies her!

Michelle said...

You should be proud of yourself for still being able to fit into your high school cheerleading uniform. A lot of girls can't do that in their mid-20s, much less in their 30s after baby! :)

meg williams said...

so cute! so sad we missed it! can't believe how big wyatt is!!!

Katie said...

Sarah - Thanks! And yes, you are correct ... it can be difficult to get Mr. Serious to smile for the camera.

Kimmie - I know. I didn't even realize Mom still had that!

Michelle - Thanks! I wasn't brave enough to wear it sans warmup pants underneath but I was excited that it fit nonetheless.

Meg - He is a big boy!! Growing up way too fast, for sure.