Wednesday, January 5, 2011

7 Months

Once again, I am behind! Wyatt was 7 months old on December 24 so I guess at this point he's really closer to 7.5 months but oh well!

Due to Christmas and traveling, we were not able to capture his pictures until this past weekend. Meme and Papa did them while Ben and I were in Jekyll Island and they did a fabulous job! Each month, I just like Wyatt's pictures more and more. And it gets more difficult to choose my favorites!

I'm going to just do a quick list of all the latest news. I'll attempt to not bore my tens of readers by being overly wordy this year!

Accomplishments: sitting up unassisted, "rolling mobility" (i.e. no crawling but he can travel by rolling), talking/babbling ALL. THE. TIME., holding his own bottle, picking up food and putting it in his mouth!!!
Words: hey, mama, dada (although "hey" is the only word he uses in context)
Stats: I would guess 20 lbs., size 3 diaper (will be 4 once I use all the 3's we have), size 3 shoe, 9 months clothes or 6-12 months depending on the brand

Likes: yogurt melts, sitting up, psycho-monkey toy, bathtime, his feet, his piano toy, his room, most of his solid foods, milk, the jumparoo. I could keep listing but those are probably his most-favorite things at this moment

Dislikes: getting into his carseat, getting dressed, green beans and green peas


Kimberly said...

Love this boy!! Mom got great pics. this time! I love all of them!

meg williams said...

adorable! and i agree with kimmie - way to go mom! these are my favorite pics yet...

EquisBuffy said...

Oh look how big he is. What a cutie pie!! Great pictures.