Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Some of the highlights from our Labor Day weekend ....

We visited with GrandMeme and GrandPapa! Ellie and Wyatt had such a great time at their house and my grandparents enjoyed spending a little time with both kiddos.
We took several Kubota rides. This is one of Ellie's favorite things at the lake and Wyatt usually gets to ride along too!
Wyatt rode the fake deer with Ellie. Ellie usually asks her Papa for a ride on the 'bota' and one day they discovered these fake deer in a neighbor's yard. For a while she would just ask to get out and pet the deer and now she's started asking to ride them. Luckily the neighbors are nice and don't mind Dad taking Ellie up to the deer several times a day. (Or maybe they don't notice) I was riding with them and decided that if Ellie was going to ride the deer, Wyatt was going to do it too!
Wyatt doesn't look too impressed, does he? ha!

Ben did go on a little fishing excursion on Saturday morning but due to the cool front the fish were not biting. As Bill Dance splained' to us, when fish sense a cold front coming in they eat a lot the day prior then once it hits they quit biting for a few days. So, no fish for Benny this weekend ... sad panda :(

Wyatt had his very first boat ride this weekend!!! This isn't a great picture, but we did have to document the occasion. He was asleep in the boat when we decided to go, slept the whole time while I was putting his life jacket on and slept for the whole ride. So I guess he enjoyed it!
When we got back to the dock, Wyatt woke up and Mom took this which is one of my most favorite pictures of him ever. (Although I will admit that I have A LOT of "most favorite pictures" of Wyatt)

Ellie doesn't understand why sometimes she can't get Wyatt's attention by calling his name so she resorts to grabbing his face and trying to turn it toward her! I'm pretty sure that is what she is attempting to do in this picture.

Wyatt and I enjoying a little boat nap. The weather was so great -- in the shade it was almost cool so lying in the boat under the shade of the dock was a perfect napping spot!

We worked hard to get a picture of both kiddos smiling. I think we took about 31,217 pictures before getting this one which isn't perfect but it works!

I'll leave you with one last picture of the little monkey. He's usually very generous with his smiles but I was having a hard time getting one out of him during this photo session. Its like the kid knows when I want him to perform!


Accidentally Me said...

I love the one with him in his life jacket looking oh-so-irritated and Ellie batting him in the face:-)

EquisBuffy said...

Geez I've been gone for so long from the blogosphere Wyatt's gone and grown up. :) My favorite pic is of the two little ones in the wicker chair. So stinkin' cute!

meg williams said...

i seriously just want to squeeze him. absolutely adorable. (and you look fabulous too!)