Friday, May 31, 2013

A Very Happy Birthday to a Very Special Boy!

I'm a week late on this, but what is new?   We celebrated Wyatt's THIRD birthday last week.  I just don't even know how we went from this ....

to this .....

to this in just three years! 

We started celebrating Wyatt on Thursday by taking cupcakes to his school.  As soon as I walked in the door, all the kids started talking about cupcake time!  It was adorable.

They all sang to him.  It was PJ day, by the way -- a last minute fundraiser for the Oklahoma victims. 

Then enjoyed their cupcakes.

His teacher snapped a quick picture of the two of us and then we bounced!

We came home to do one of our favorite afternoon activities .... watering our plants.

And we also LOVE to "make it rain down" 

The next morning was his actual birthday.  We let him open his gift before we left for work that morning since we were trying to head out of town early for the lake that afternoon.

He knew exactly what he was getting, but was still THRILLED to get his "cooter" for his "happy birthday"

He was probably even more excited for his special birthday breakfast -- a chocolate donut complete with 3 candles!

That afternoon, we came home and he had a big box of gifts from Lolly and Pops! 

And when we got to the lake, Meme had made him a tractor cake and more gifts!!! 

What a lucky little dude!  We cannot wait to celebrate him once again this weekend with family and friends! 

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