Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy 9 Months to You, Wyatt!

This little dood is growing up way. too. fast!!!  I've said it before and I'll say it again - it is a bitersweet process.  On one hand, he is MUCH easier now than he was when he was an infant and on the other hand I do miss that little tiny (well, i guess he never really qualified as tiny) infant.  He is a happy child and I really love watching his little personality blossom.

Wyatt is picking up new tricks on a daily basis now.  They are all adorable at first, but some ... like the "uh oh" game get old pretty quickly!   It is fun to see him discover the whole cause and effect concept though.  Everywhere we go, he is constantly looking and observing.  People always say that at this age they are little sponges and it is so obvious to me that that is a true statement.

There is no doubt that he is all boy!! He loves to talk as loudly as possible (who does he get that trait from???) and makes sure you hear him.  He likes to bang objects together and is constantly throwing things to the ground.   Much to his daddy's pleasure, he is very interested in sports -- if Ben is watching something on TV it will usually captivate Wyatt's attention and he really enjoyed all the action at the GT basketball game a few weeks ago.
As for W's new "accomplishments" well, the latest thing is "peek-a-boo".  I have been playing it with him for a while now and sometimes he'll smile and sometimes he doesn't really care.  We played it the other night when he was in the bath tub then when he got out he started covering his face and eyes with his towel and would lift it when i said "wheeere's wyatt?"  It was so cute.
Also, he has semi-mastered the army crawl.  I am doubtful that he will ever truly crawl.  He can get where he wants by rolling, pivoting, and army crawling so the next skill we're practicing is standing!  Speaking of, he can stand for quite a long time provided someone is there for occasional assistance and balance.
We are trying to convert Wyatt over to 100% table food (in addition to his milk, of course) and I think this will be a slow process.  Other than puffs and yogurt melts, the only table foods that he will really eat well are green beans, blueberries, and grilled cheese so we are continuing to try other things and get him used to new textures. 

We have his 9 month appointment this afternoon, so I'll have a better idea then of his weight and height, etc.  I'm pretty certain whatever the weight and height are they'll be in the 90th percentiles .... he's a BIG boy!


Julie and Scott Cooper said...

He is such a cute little boy! I cannot believe he is 9 months old! Every stage does go by way too fast, but another fun one follows! Hope to see you soon!

meg williams said...

so cute!!! HAVE to get together!!!