Monday, May 10, 2010

Tick-Tock .....

We're still just waiting .... waiting on the little shimster to make his or her appearance. Everything is done - room painted, pictures hung, clothes and blankets washed, bottles sterilized, diaper basket filled, toys and gear assembled, car seat in (and inspected). Literally ... everything. Well, except I do still need to wipe down his/her new toys to make sure there are no germs on them but that will take a grand total of 10 minutes to do.

So, the Shim update is there is no update. There is wi-fi in the hospital so I'm sure once there is news to share Ben or my sister will update the blog accordingly.
This is me at 39 weeks. HUGE and swollen! Regarding the whole swelling thing, I asked my sister this morning if giving birth was like popping a balloon. Meaning, does the swelling go down once the baby is out? She said no and that it will take some time. Awesome. Looks like I'll have to continue to deal with flip flops and the loosest-fitting clothes possible.

I do think that when the swelling does subside, I'm going to reward myself with these cute sandals! (Sorry for the tiny picture. I promise they are cute .... you may just have to take my word for it)
Also, just for fun, here is a picture of Ben and his prize fish he caught yesterday. He estimates it was around 6 or 7 pounds!!! Pretty impressive, no?


Tia Faulkner said...

I can't believe shim is almost here-yay! I feel for ya on being swollen and not to add fuel to the fire, but I actually ended up swelling more (which I have no clue how that is even humanly possible) after I had Harrison. My aunt had warned me of that, so just a little FYI if that does happen to you, in due time it will go down:) Well good luck! You look great and can't wait to hear if shim is a BOY or GIRL!!!!!

BWL said...

Chalk that fish up to the blind squirrel theory.

Sure do enjoy the peacefulness a morning with a fishing rod can bring.

Practicing so I can teach Shim about fishing down the road.

AUBS said...

You are too cute to be 39 weeks! Enjoy this last week. Your tummy will be swollen for a month or so, but you won't have time or energy to go out of the house anyways, so no worries - it will go down soon. :)

Call me asap and let me know when Shim makes an appearance!


meg williams said...

LOVE this post. oh the waiting of the last week - such agony!!! and ben - you enjoy that "peacefulness" now:) hope you get some rest and enjoy each other these last few days. can't believe the time is finally here!!! love y'all!

Josh said...

I bet those sandals will smell.