Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

This past weekend begun with Mom starting to paint Shimmy's nursery! After agonizing over the 'perfect' yellow we finally found something that we were both happy with and she took off down to my house and went to work on the room. When I got home for the day, she was nearly finished and I was sooo happy with the yellow we chose. She hasn't quite completed the room yet -- one wall is in need of touch ups and then striping. I also got a call from the furniture store saying that everything was in so I think we'll arrange for delivery at the end of the week. I will be SO GLAD to have things in place in the room so that I can start getting all Shim's stuff organized and ready. I'm beginning to freak out a little bit that we only have about 6 weeks and I'm far from ready. Hopefully I'll have some significant progress made by this weekend and if so I"ll post pictures.

Ben and I got up Saturday morning and headed up to the lake. The weather was supposed to be really nice and I was in desperate need of a little sun. We got there about lunch time and I laid out in the dock in all my fat, pregnant glory while he fished. I know this is terrible, but I didn't wear sunscreen despite my sister's advice. I figured I would only be out for a couple hours and I really never do burn. (Please spare me the sunscreen lectures .... I know better but I just am not always as cautious as I should be) Well, I was wrong. I am so red and have a total wife-beater tan line!
After about 2 hours we decided it was probably too hot out there for Shim and went into town to hit up the local Wal Mart and Dairy Queen! All Ben could talk about was how I looked like a local with my jorts and 'I Can Grow People' wife beater ... he even insisted on taking a picture of me once we got inside the store with some of the local "scenery". For fear of finding my picture on , I am not posting that photo! Anyway, we had a nice afternoon and despite my little sunburn I was happy to have had a few hours outside on the lake.

Sunday, we went over to the farm to celebrate Easter with our extended family. We got lots of baby questions/predictions from the folks over there. Most are predicting that Shim is a boy -- that actually seems to be the most popular prediction these days even outside of our family. My cousin, Nicole, who just delivered baby # 4 on Wednesday was there with her kids so Ben was able to get some baby practice! (Which was a good thing, because when he saw one of Shim's onesies he was amazed by how small they were!)

I'm glad that we both got a little reminder of just how small they are before we have ours in just a few weeks! Here we both are holding little Wurth McKenna on couches that are probably older than we are. (And for those of you who know me well, yes, I do have a difficult time sitting on these nasty couches but that is just the way it is at the farm.)
This second photo is me (obviously), Wurth, my Grandmother, and a couch from 1972. See what I mean about being sunburned though?!!

I would be remiss if I didn't post this adorable picture of Ellie in her Easter outfit! She looked so cute, I think. Sadly, I don't believe this silk daffodil is a prop. I'm pretty sure it was "planted" in our lake neighbor's yard. (I can't make this stuff up!)

And finally ... one of all 4 of the cousins after their easter egg hunt. Caris, Gavin, Ellie, Liam, and Wurth.
Oh! One more. Me, Ben and Shim at 34 weeks. (My sister told me this dress was too tight. It is a maternity dress though! If you think so, oh well. I am fairly limited in my maternity clothes and I WILL be wearing it again over the next 6 weeks!)


Rosemary said...

Katie, you look adorable. I'm so glad to see and hear about the progress in Shimmy's room. Melody is amazing - she has more energy than the Easter bunny. Ellie is too cute and I can't believe how much Liam and Gavin and especially Caris have grown up.

Becky said...

I love this post! I can't believe you're going to have a baby next month! Can't wait to see pictures of the nursery.

Wes said...

I'm getting to catch up on the ol' blog today since our accounting system and phones are down at work. Not the internet, though. You look great and uncomfortable. We can't wait for Shim the great to finally arrive. Becky has cleared PTO at work to make sure we can be there the minute the baby gets here.

I did want to take exception to your poll. I hope it's a boy, and I'll buy his first pink polo.

See you and Ben soon.

Kimberly said...

Well, you make me sound so SWEET! The dress was too tight--sorry, it was! I know it is hard at this stage but I have to tell the truth. Also, I TOLD YOU SO about the sunscreen. When are you going to start listening to me?

At least you got a good pic. of my sweet Ellie!

Oh yeah...I've GOT to see the Wal-Mart pic.

Tia Faulkner said...

Cute pics Katie! You look SO good...all belly! I don't think the dress is too tight at all. I like things a little snug on the baby bump though!

Ok, I totally know what you mean about being pregnant, feeling big, and being PALE! Today Buster goes, "Ok this is the palest I have EVER seen you!" Yep, I'll be hitting up the backyard tomorrow to catch some rays (which ISNT fenced in). Can you say redneck! Whatever, I don't care. I've gotta get some sun, and I most definitely WONT be wearing sunscreen!

Can't wait to see Nursery pics!

BWL said...

Just consider it a little extra cookin of ol Shim Dawg.

the walmart > dairy queen trip was the most I have ever felt like a resident of Hart County. It was frickin awesome.

I'm just lucky Katie didnt get picked up by some of the fine men in the walmart while I was in the fishing department.

Kimberly said...

You're belly link doesn't work. Please fix that!